Streamline your business

Can your company improve with
Sales, Marketing or Business Development?

Make your company online visible.

Professional Website

Start with a basic but professional website that make you stand out.

Content Creation

Let us create fresh content based on your strategy.

SEO Optimization

Make sure people find your business on google.


Make your brand pop out from your competition.

Marketing and Development

Creating the best fitted marketing strategy to grow your business.

Online Advertisement

Increase the number of people visiting your website.

beckitwell – an online business development company created to help companies grow their business to their full potential. 


Do you have a company that wants to grow?

Are you in need of business development without hiring a full time developer?

Does your company not have the budget for a marketing department?

Would you like to increase your sales?


beckitwell loves to help your company grow step by step. Firstly advise is given, thereafter test projects are proposed and later you decide how far you want to take the partnership. 


Not every company can afford independent business development, marketing departments or high costing advertisement. 


beckitwell wants to grow your company with helping you on all these fields.  


Analyse Your Business

How good is your online brand? Does your brand pops out in your market?

Clarify Your Message

Get your company into a clear brand that creates clarity and a powerful message about your business.

Develop Your Market & Sales Strategy

Create a strategy to make your business visible to the right customers in the right market.


Website Creation

Make a website in line with your story brand and create attraction from the right customer base.

Social Media Creation

Create active Social Media accounts that get seen by the right people to grow your business.

Content Creation

Make unique content (videography or photography) that is in line with your branding and marketing strategy.


Content Management

The most important is to keep your story going. Let us help with managing your content and keep your momentum going.

Marketing Campaigns / Online Advertisement

To boost your company we can help with creating marketing campaigns or help to boost your social media.

Create Sales Growth

In the end it is all to grow your client base and grow your sales.

Did You Know

"It only takes 3 seconds for a client to decide to stay or leave your website."

About beckitwell

The creator, Nicholas Bekaert, had a vision to help smaller to midsized companies grow with optimising their brand, online marketing plan and make their business visible to the world. Many companies don’t have the knowledge in house nor the budget to create a professional environment to develop all those skills in house. Therefore beckitwell is looking to partner up to give a flexible but professional help to grow your company step by step.


“Many companies have a good idea but don’t show their full potential in a way it should be seen.”


The digital world has changed the business forever. It can kill your business or you can turn it into a tool to grow your business even more than you have ever imagined. 

Streamline your business and
let the waves lift it up.